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Yup. Just like the song. Check for changes in your classmates’ contact info here.

This will be a chronological list as we receive them or discover them, whichever comes first, probably updated on a monthly basis. Same deal, a bot-proof “no exposed” email addresses way to contact them via email.

If you’re moving, make us part of your email notification moving kit!

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Located Ed Boland and contacted Ralph Foglia


Located Linda Doland Duryea; confirmed Sue Brooks DeBel & Bitsy Haslet Coulter


Confirmed Ned Ridings; Donna Morales Levick;Kathy Grap Hodgens


Confirmed locations for Doug Marzloff and Gail Padreza deLeeuw


Confirmed  Bill Vandervort, Giff Jimmerson, Doug Marzloff, Susie Loper, Gary Drach, Jim Francois, Robert Holdsworth, Marlene Zachok, Bill Altier, Eric Kostelak while on the road


Email from Bill Meese announcing his move to CO; Talked to Bill Brooks in OH, talked to Jan Luhmann Cober about her friend Mary (Scottie) Wallace possibly in Lafayette IN!); Talked to Mollie Kroll Abend who is cousin to formerly lost classmate Sally Rosenzweig Moskowitz. Photos from Barry Makepeace and Bob Dunlap


Contacted by Martha Utter Hunt  and through her confirmed that Maureen Hoffman Abouyan was alive and well in Portsmouth RI


Got a call from Dennis Sandfort who is now in Newton, NJ and also got a location for Anne Hoffman in CA from Sally Rosenzweig Moskowitz. That’s the way this thing works. Somebody knows somebody who knows somebody and pretty soon, we know where everyone is; including Paul Wagner, with who Anne is in contact


Linda found a wonderful obituary for John Iraola. We’ll be trying to get a current photo. Also confirmed that the Eddie Cross that we thought was buried in VT was not our Eddie Cross. We love being wrong and will reinitiate the search for his whereabouts. Finally were able to contact his family after a long time. So where is our Ed Cross?


Confirmed addresses for Janet Cronk Callahan, David Creamer and we are getting information from Herma Schoemakers’s in law for information about her death. We also contacted the Panycia family about Peter Panycia. Thanks to Judy Brodhead and Karen Karle Kenderdine for the leads for Herma.


Got a great current photo of David Quinn and Nancy Tremper Quinn together to reside on the Class Mates page. It looks professionally done but is nicely casual.


Linda has been working hard at getting obituaries and photographs for the memorial page.


Found a trove of old slides - pictures from The Music Man and Carousel I took while playing in the pit orchestra. They’re here


Heard from Glenn Kamp. Found out that while we were trying to contact him in NJ, he was snowbirding in FL. He’s back in NJ for his daughter’s wedding. Talked to Garry Meyer. He’s one of the Wayne stalwarts.Heard from Madelyn Sisco Alexander who’s just fine in the Morristown area. Got an obituary for Diane Finnegan from the funeral home that presided over her service.


Got hold of Jim Scheer, a brother of Margaret (Ann) Scheer for a photo and obit. Also located Barbara Engle Fincham who’s out in Moab UT. She’s caregiving an ailing parent.


Confirmed Bill Melick in Ogdensburg and had a nice chat. Told him to go buy Ray Holcomb’s book, Endless Enemies. Got an obit for Janice Post Smith


At the request of Terry Anderson, increased font size on the home page. In my attempt to get it all on the first screen, I ended up challenging even myself. Even with the new specs, it was a little difficult, I have to admit. Thanks Terry, for making me face one of the realities of age.


Lots of changes and additions. Photos for Sharon Fiore, Sue Edwards, Yevette Carlson. Possible location of Mark (with a K) Sandler


Contacted Mary Ann Dugan  Tomassone who connected us to Linda Johnson and Diane Gluck Benedict (on FB too) Found Kathy Ormsby Wentworth in WA, got a lead on Donna Lackner Zander Will follow up on a lead on Nick Kartanos in Brigantine, NJ. Talked to John Chichin’s Dad again to get a photo. Updated Military service page, updated lost classmates, updated the found individuals. Started a Facebook group about the directory


Received a great photo of Don and Margaret DeMichino (courtesy of the DeMichino family) for the Class Mates and In Memoriam pages


Got an email from Paul Iozzio (who was not pictured in Embers) confirming that he is in FL with his email address. Not wanting to be too pushy, I asked him if he would send us a photo. We’ll see.........JimTaylor pointed out that through a misunderstanding with Mike Oates’s son, we put up a photo of the son and not Mike. Oops. We’re contacting him to get it right.


Ray Holcomb emailed me to recommend a book. Now listed on the Links page


Located Linda Wilkes Savacool but she wasn’t interested. Also found a great article talking about a student of Herma Schoemakers Gray who was inspired by Herma to become a teacher herself. Also confirmed the location of Caroline Czaplinski Elio in Tucson, AZ


Confirmed Glenn Lobb’s location and got an email for him. He’s sending a pic after the holidays; recently retired.


Located and spoke to Ed Wilkes in MI. He’s been there for 35 years.


Reorganized the All Schoo productions pages to include other kinds of photos submitted by classmates.


Lost some coding so if things might look a little different; if you see something wrong that had been right, let me know. Thanks.

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