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Here’s something you can help with. If you’ve served in our Armed Forces, let us know so we can list and honor your service. For those of you who experienced combat, there are likely things you’ve seen and done that are totally beyond anyone’s normal existence. Just know that experience is appreciated and we want to recognize it here, in front of all your classmates. Sound off... I’ll start it with a few guys who can no longer list themselves. Name, Branch of service, and service dates...and THERE’s ROOM for pictures too.

I only thought of doing this half way through the search process, and depended on remembering to ask folks since then, so that pretty much tells that story. I hope you vets will step up to the plate to provide information because I forgot to ask you.

It is my intent to list everyone who served our country during some of the most dangerous and tumultuous times. So, in no particular order:



Branch of Service


Gordon Albro

US Marines, 1967-73; US Army ret. 1982-2008


Joseph Brophy

US Marines


Rich Burgess

US Army


Michael Calderone

US Army


John Cook

US Army


David Creamer

USAF 1971-1991


Robert Dunlap

US Army 1967 - 71; US Navy 1973 - 1991


David French

US Army 1967-1968


Jeffrey Price

US Army


David Dilatush

US Army 1970 - 1973


Sharon Fiore

US Air Force, Lt. Col, now Texas Air National Guard


John W. George

US Army 1968-1970


James Long

US Navy 1967-1969


Gary Luccio

US Coast Guard


Jon Maizel

US Air Force 1968 - 1975


Jason (George) Mulhall

US Navy 1970-74 Navy Intelligence USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19)

proctor bill in nam

William Proctor

US Army 1968-9;1970-71 Army Security Agency


Laura Casadevall Robinson

US Air Force

Bruce Johnson ATCS

Bruce Johnson

US Navy 1968 - 1989


Brian Reach

US Navy USS Fresno 1970-71


Richard Sasse

US Coast Guard 1967 - 1993


Bill Shepperd

US Air Force


Betty Singer

US Navy


David Spae

US Marines


John Tuttle

US Army


William Vandervort

US National Guard 1969 - 75


Robert Van Varick

US Navy


Thomas Yalsh

US Air Force 1969 - 1972

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