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Here’s a collection of links listed in no particular order (actually the order in which I received them) that may be of some interest to you. Feel free to make suggestions to this page

The first is of some interest to me!

Smoke Signals:

Milton’s Blog about doing this project and how it got started:

I recently received an email from Ray Holcomb:

“I wanted to mention that a north Jersey guy I played ball with in college has published a great book about his dad, a very great NJ athlete, who went to Weequahic High (Newark). Its a wonderful read for anyone who remembers the Jersey of our time and our parents' time. Also a great dedication by a loving son to his hero dad. The author, Bob Masin, who went to Columbia HS, clearly remembers how his big city team was upset by those "Wayne farmers" in 1963. The book is "The Swede, Weequahic's Gentle Giant." Great read for people of our era and people who miss the good parts of that time.




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