Glenn D. Kamp

Vernon, NJ


Glen is retired and snowbirding between NJ and FL


Karen A. Karle Kenderdine

Gouldsboro, PA


 I got married after 1 year of college, transferred to Montclair State and graduated while my husband John ((I've always called him Jack) served in the Army.  I've basically been a stay at home Mom, three kids, Janis, David, and Jessica, and only worked part time for most of my life.  I did work full time once the youngest was in school full time, for about eleven years at a children's rehab hospital, as the administrative assistant to the Director of Engineering. My husband was a physics teacher and also a part time church organist.  After 33 years teaching, he took early retirement at age 55 (actually he turned 56 soon after retiring because we waited until Jessica finished high school that June).We moved to the Poconos in 2001, where I worked part time in our community association office. We had a new house built in 2006-07 that was completely handicapped accessible and my parents lived with us until they both died in December of 2009, within 3 weeks of each other at ages 90 and 92.
I've always had hobbies such as sewing, crocheting, baking, and more recently decorative painting and counted cross stitch to keep me busy. Also, my 3 grandchildren ages 7, 3, and 1 live within a 45 minute drive.  We live in a wooded area and see plenty of deer, turkeys and the occasional black bear. We are enjoying a  "quiet" retirement except for the 3 manual virtual pipe organ, digitally sampled from real pipes of famous churches which was installed in our "great room" in 2010 and which my husband plays practically every day.


Nicholas P. Kartanos

Clifton, NJ

Located, not confirmed yet


Patricia E Kelleher

West Milford, NJ



Linda M. Kelley

Not located yet


Sherry Kill Lawson

Wanaquel, NJ

Located, no email


Kathleen Kilroy D’allesandro

Eagle Rock, CA

Located but not confirmed



William Kimak

Pompton Plains, NJ

located, no email


Richard O. Kirk

Last reported in NH


Lynn F. Klacsman Howard

Auburn, NH

Located, not yet confirmed



Walter Kleis

Wayne, NJ

Last Known location


Mildred F. Kneeland Umansky

Stockholm, NJ

d. February 2013

Mildred Umansky, "Millie", age 63 of Cliffwood Lake in Stockholm, died on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 with her family gathered at her bedside.

Millie was raised in North Bergen and moved to Wayne as a junior in high school. She graduated from Wayne Valley H.S. in 1967 and began taking classes at Paterson College, now known as William Paterson University. She eventually landed a great job with Engineering Assemblies Corp. in Teterboro. She was a natural workaholic and excelled at her career. She quickly advanced to managerial positions and left the company as a Purchasing Manager. She loved her job and had travelled to China a few times to inspect their overseas suppliers.

During her college years, while at a party, she met Igor Umansky. The two of them hit it off and danced the night away. Igor declared that night Millie would never dance with anyone else and they were married in 1971 at St. John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Church in Passaic. They enjoyed a reception at the Wayne Manor and honeymooned in the Bahamas. They travelled quite a bit over the years, including frequent trips to Marco Island. Millie was happiest where there was water, especially at home on the lake, or anywhere she could be near the ocean and a beach. Igor described their forty one years together as a "blessed event", one he would gladly repeat. 

Millie was a fabulous cook and would often entertain for large groups at her home. She hosted New Year's Eve parties for several years with more than forty people. Families from around the lake would all come to her house, with porta-cribs for their kids lined up in the bedrooms, and they would party the night away. She also enjoyed hosting a huge Thanksgiving meal, all homemade, fresh dishes, where her uncle counted no less than 19 different vegetables on the table, and all went home with full bellies. Seeing her family together and enjoying themselves was all it took to make her happy. She was like the glue that kept them all so close. 

Millie was also a natural caregiver with a huge heart and truly enjoyed helping others. Many years ago, she took it upon herself to care for her Uncle Bobby. He was an elderly veteran, ailing in Florida, with no relatives to care for him. She didn't know him well, but she knew that he needed help. He became her mission, and she would travel to Florida several times a year to visit with him. Soon, she became his legal guardian and took care of everything for him over the course of several years before he passed. It gave her great satisfaction knowing that his autumn years were not spent alone. This sort of kindness defined who Millie was; a huge heart, selfless, and ready to help anyone in need. She will be sadly missed by many. 

Funeral Services will be held at the funeral home on Monday, March 4, 2013 at 10 AM followed by burial at Christ the King Cemetery in Franklin Lakes.



Linda A. Kosinski Schall

Cary, NC


Eric Kostelak

Pearl River, LA


Linda Kramme

Not yet located


Mollie Kroll Abend

Hartford, CT

After Wayne Valley I went to college at the University of Bridgeport in CT. I married after college, divorced and then found my husband of the past 29 years. We live in a 1903 Victorian in Hartford CT. I got my degree in elementary education, but never taught. No jobs available after graduation because of a little thing called the Viet Nam War. So I worked in a bank and then for larger companies (like Lender's Bagels) and progressed in Customer Service and finally as a manager for Coleco (remember Cabbage Patch dolls). Then the company tanked and I wanted something different. I was talked into trying real estate, never thinking of myself as a sales person. But success came by being a service provider instead.


Wayne A. Kruse

Wilmington, NC


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