Katherine Falato

Wayne, NJ

Located, No email


Richard L. Fanslau

Saddle Brook, NJ


Timothy T Farmer

Quebec Ont. CA

Not Located yet


Susanne Felton

Denver, CO



Lois B. Feltz Johnson

Clifton, NJ

Located, no email


Alfred J. Ferrazza

Ballwin, MO



John (Jeff) Ferree

San Diego, CA



Diane Finnegan

Deceased 2008


Elissa J. Fioravanti Blodgett

Scotia, NY


Sharon K. Fiore

San Marcos, TX


US Air Force, Lt. Col.

Col Fiore was commissioned in the United States Air Force and served as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer and AFROTC Assistant Professor for Aerospace Studies 

She was accepted in the Texas State Guard in January 2003. She has served as the Public Affairs Officer and Administrative Officer in the 4th Air Wing and 5th Air Wing and is presently Commander, 449th Air Support Group 

Col Fiore’s military education includes Squadron Officer School in residence and Air Command and Staff College in seminar. 

Col Fiore’s decorations include the Air Force Meritorious Service Medal, three Air Force Commendation Medals, State of Texas Medal of Merit, State of Texas Governors Unit Citation, Texas Faithful Service Medal, Texas State Guard Service Medal, State of Texas Humanitarian Service Ribbon, and the Louisiana Emergency Service Medal 


Linda A. Fischer

Not located yet


Margaret A. Fisher DeMichino

 Deceased 11/13/2006


James J. Fletcher

Deceased 4/1/2005


Ralph Foglia

Nutley, NJ



Lynette A. Foisy Gonzalez

Wayne, NJ


Kathryn J. Fontan Korus

Canton, GA


Deborah C Forrest

Harrisburg, VA



Douglas H. Fowler

Nashua, NH

d. April 12, 2014


James T. Francois

Hopatcong, NJ



David French

Cumberland, NC

d. 9.11.1968


Madeline Frick Sanders

Not located yet


Kathleen M Friend Rulon

Lincoln CA

I guess I'll begin the story of my life post WVHS with the fall of 1967, when I became a freshman at Ohio Wesleyan University, which had generously provided me with a scholarship for the next four years. I majored in science, and did well enough to go on to graduate school but not medical school, which I didn't have the money, interest, or gpa for. ( I got a C in organic chemistry. It was really, really hard.)

I decided on Northwestern University in Chicago, where I spent a the next four years getting a PH.D in microbiology. The good part of this was that the US government paid all expenses and provided a stipend for penniless grad students majoring in the life sciences. The not so good part was that I soon realized I didn't have a real passion for the solitary life of a laboratory scientist, and wasn't   going to excel at research.   (That C in organic chemistry should have been a red flag.) But, I was already committed, and I got my degree in 1975.

At Northwestern I met my future husband, Jon Rulon, who was in medical school until he also graduated in 1975. He went on to do a residency in psychiatry in Denver, Colorado, and I went off to Seattle for a year to do postdoctoral research.   (It rained there for twelve months straight, and I've never been back since.)   We got married in 1976 in Evanston, Illinois, where Jon's family lived and my parents had relocated so that my father could teach police science at Northwestern's Traffic Institute.

We spent the next three years in Denver so that Jon could finish his residency, and I did still more postdoctoral research, for want of a better idea.  When he finished his program, we went on a four month road trip around the US in a camper pickup truck, then set out for San Diego, CA, with high hopes that he would easily get a job (He did.), and I would find a position in something that was not research. We lasted a year there, then had to leave for the San Francisco Bay Area because I couldn't find another position in San Diego after the company I had been working for as the marketing services manager went out of business. We were to spend the next 31 years in the Bay Area.

In the fall of 1980, Jon took a job with Kaiser Permanente in Martinez, CA, as a staff psychiatrist, and I went to work as a self employed writer/consultant for pharmaceutical companies and small bio techs. I enjoyed that. A few years later, when we were in our mid thirties, we decided that maybe we should have some children, so we did. To my surprise, they didn't turn out to be much like me, personality-wise, and raising them was much more of a challenge than I expected.

Last year, Jon retired from Kaiser,  and we decided to downsize and buy a little house in Lincoln, CA, which is 30 miles north of Sacramento. We like to drive down the coast to Monterey every so often to visit our son, or to LA to see our daughter. We're both in pretty good health, at the moment, if you don't count the broken leg my husband got last month at softball practice, or my current aches and pains from over zealous exercise, so we hope to travel more in the future. We went to Alaska a year and a half ago, the Mediterranean last fall, and think we might like to see the Panama Canal in the next year or two.

Looking back, I'd have to say it's been a pretty good life, though we've certainly had our share of tough times. Going forward, I hope the future will be brimming with the peace and contentment that has eluded some of us from the class of 1967 in the past.  


Lucille R.Fritz Acrish

Highland Mills NY



Glenn K. Furber

Vernon, NJ

Located, no confirmed yet

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